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Why should I donate through RecountNow?


RecountNow is a new collaboration of leaders in the election integrity field. Most of us have been working on achieving transparency, security, and accountability in elections for over ten years. We have come together to support the recount efforts of Jill Stein, Rocky de la Fuente, and other candidates who may step forward to challenge elections where there is significant evidence indicating tampering or other serious problems have occurred. 

While RecountNow is new, our partner organization, AUDIT-AZ, has been around for 12 years, working for accurate, transparent and secure elections in Arizona. Donations made through RecountNow.org will be processed through AUDIT-AZ. We're working closely with them to get legal help for the recounts and coordinate the hundreds of monitors that will be needed to ensure the recounts are done properly. We'll also be working closely with Jill Stein, Rocky de la Fuente, and others who may initiate recount efforts.

If you wish to make a contribution toward legal expenses and monitoring expenses, or other costs of the recount, you can do that here.

Donations are not tax-deductible. Donations made through Dr. Stein's website are restricted by laws governing political parties and candidates. Donations made through RecountNow.org are unrestricted and will be used as needed for costs associated with the recounts, at the discretion of our Executive Committee.

Our Executive Committee has been chosen from among long-time leaders in the field of Election Integrity.

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