"Democracy BEGINS with the integrity of the vote, and ENDS without it" -- John Brakey

Can we trust the official results of the 2016 election?

Many of the most respected computer professionals in the country continue to analyze 2016 election data and have very serious concerns about possible election fraud. We must ask, "Are the official vote totals correct? Were the right candidates declared the winners in elections around the country?"

For example, we know that the Russians hacked into U.S. electronic voter rolls (voter databases) before the election and also indicated that they planned to interfere in the election itself. Did they successfully rig the U.S. election? Did anyone?

We don't know. And we need to find out.

What can we do? Recount!

As citizens, we have an obligation to determine if the Russians, or some other entity -- foreign or domestic -- did compromise our unsecured, vulnerable electronic electoral system.

We must actually count the votes instead of trusting machine totals! Ironically, this is called a "recount."

In most states, only a candidate for an office can legally file for a recount. Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein has filed for recounts of the presidential election in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania -- three states where the data suggests a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals. Independent Presidential candidate Roque "Rocky" de la Fuente has filed for a recount in five counties in Nevada. This does not mean that either candidate believes a recount would show themselves as the winner of the election. They are taking action in support of the public's right to know the true election result and our right to know whether our election systems are secure. supports these efforts and has come together to apply our expertise to these and other recount efforts that may emerge.

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Consider this:

  • More than 98% of our votes are counted inside computers

  • Even if citizens vote on paper, their votes are actually counted inside an electronic machine with proprietary software accessible only to companies that in many cases are partisan

  • Even Fortune 100 companies and US top secret, top security websites with millions of dollars of security have been hacked or compromised

  • The computers running our elections have virtually no security protection; they are dangerously vulnerable to malfunction and malfeasance

  • The U.S. election system cannot prove the election results it produces are accurate!

Shouldn’t some human eyes count our votes??

Recount laws vary from state to state. The focus is on those where evidence indicates the reported outcome of the presidential election and other races may not be correct, and where vulnerabilities in the election processes are known. In other words, we're focusing on the places where the wrong candidate may have been declared the winner. 

Recounts are expensive, with high fees charged by the government and legal costs, and they vary from state to state.

As a group of concerned voters who have worked for years toward the goal of accurate and transparent elections, we need your help to make these recounts a reality. 

The nation is counting on us. And we're counting on you.

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We're working to dispatch our election integrity experts to as many of the recount areas as possible. The more donations we receive, the more experts will be on hand to help election officials and citizen observers understand the significance of irregularities already being found during the recounts.

There are opportunities for online volunteering as well. Visit our Volunteers page to sign up. No experience necessary.

We're relying on you to share this crucial project with your friends, neighbors, and networks. 

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